All photographs on this page are by Steve Biltcliffe Photography unless stated

Waterton Trust Year 5&6 Handball @ Crofton Academy

Teams from Normanton Juniors, Walton, Cherry Tree, South Kirby and Sharlston with Normanton Common coming out on top.

Photos @ Year 5&6 Handball



Waterton Trust Year 3&4 Korfball @ Cherry Tree Lane

Teams from Cherry Tree Lane, South Kirby, Walton, Sharlston, Normanton Juniors and Mill Dam

Photos @ Year 3&4 Korfball

KS2 Basketball @ Wakefield City Academy

With teams from Heath View, St. Marys and the overall winners Pinders

Photos @ KS2 Basketball



Year 3 Beanchball @ Crofton Academy

With teams from Shay Lane, Crofton Juniors, Walton and Sharlston

Photos @ Year 3 Benchball


Year 5&6 Hockey @ Crofton Academy

With teams from Shay Lane, Crofton Juniors and Walton with Sharlston finishing winners

Photos @ Year 5&6 Hockey

Year 5&6 Football Southdale Juniors v South Parade @ Green Park, Ossett

A gripping football match with South Parade winning 1 - 0

Photos @ Year 5&6 Football



Waterton Trust Year 1&2 Benchball @ Lee Brigg

Teams from Lee Brigg, Normanton Common, Cherry Tree, Mill Dam and Walton with Crofton Infants crowned winners

Photos @ Year 1&2 Benchball

Year 5&6 Football @ Crofton Academy

With teams from Crofton Juniors, Shay Lane, Walton and Sharlston

Photos @ Year 5&6 Football