Inclusive Activities

At WSSN we have always tried to be inclusive in whatever we do. Along with our SEN Specialist and inclusive equipment the aim is to involve everybody and give them the feeling of success

Inclusion Spectrum

When planning and delivering our session focus is given to inclusion. We do this by changing and adapting the activity to suit the needs of the individual

Open Activities - Everyone can play

Everyone does the same activity with minumal or no adaptation to the envirnoment or equipment; open activities are by their nature inclusive so that the activity suits every participate.

Modified Activities - Change to include

Everone plays the same game or performs the same activity but the rules, equipment or area of activity are adapted to promote the inclusion of all individuals regardless of their abilities.

Parallel Activities - Ability groups

In this approach, although participants follow a common activity theme, they do so at their own pace and level by working in groups based on their abilities.

Separate or Alternate Activities

This approach emphasises that, on occasions, it may be better for a person to practice sports individually or with their disabled peers.

Photos from our inclusive sessions (password protected) @ Inclusive